Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Let others decide!

Thought I'd mix things up a bit with my next order (AWI french and Zulus) and decided to let any 5 members of the Pendraken forum choose a pack of infantry each for me to buy and paint.

So, we have...

ARL7 - late roman inf armoured, attacking / mixed weapons
FPW20 - french guard voltigeurs
EL4 - elizabethan pike
ACW - union inf firing
LOA10 - league of augsburg inf march.

Some good choices and 4 of the periods I've never tackled, so it'll be interesting to see what I can do with them.
Keep your eyes peeled as I'll be posting a competition once they're painted for someone to win one of the finished units.
Now off to think of a comp!


Another go at sculpting

It's been a while since my last post, I lost my password and email addy like a dufus.

Anyway, browsing through the work of Techno and Clib at Pendraken left me with an itch to sculpt, so a quick note to Leon and a bag of 10 dollies finds it's way into my last order :)

I set to work, initially intending to do some cowboys but found the Zulu bug too much to ignore, thus deciding on a British officer in patrol dress.

Here's the result, not great by any means but it's filled me with confidence to carry on.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Painting service now open

Hello chaps and chapesses,

I'm still on my AWI project and expect to be so for a while yet but as I'm not a gamer I'm going to be offering all I paint for sale so as to fund further purchases from Pendraken.

My most recent example available for sale is.......

Anything I paint will be available at the following prices.....

Foot 1.00 UK Pound
Cavalry 2.00 UK pound
3 guns and crew 16.50

I will invest 75% back into my own projects and 25% will go to marie curie cancer care.

Thanks for your interest.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Trouble with the followers gadget/widget

Having a little problem adding the followers thingy to my blog tonight.
I've tried to add it but all I see is the word followers with 'join this site' above it, the 'join this site' bar then disappears after a second or two.
It's the same when I visit other blogs I want to follow -I see the option to follow but before I can manouver my mouse to click join it disappears.

Any ideas?


Monday, 8 April 2013

New Uniform books

Recieved 4 new books the other day to aid me in my painting research and I have to say - I'm chuffed to bits.

A couple of illustrated uniform encyclopedias (AWI and NAP), haythornwaite's ACW guide and also his guide to uniforms of the period 1815-50.

I'll enjoy these for years to come and no doubt they'll hardly be back on the shelf.

If you need any info that might be within, drop me a comment and I'll see what I can fish out.


Medieval imagi-nations

I recieved a sample order of 100 or so ELM range figures from Pendraken as they looked the business on their website, decided to paint them up as WOTR........then I saw the incalculable number of heraldry variations, shrugged and moved on.

I really want to do something with them though, so have decided to create a few Imagi-nations and paint them all bright and bold.
I'm happy with the results so far so inevitably have put in another order yesterday to bulk out the ranks.

Below are border guard units from the nations of Essenfold (red) and Ardenia (blue).

Many more little factions to be added, if anyone has colour ideas then I'm all ears.


Brunswick v.riedesel regt AWI nearly finished

Couldn't put the brushes down last night as my first unit neared completion so stuck at it, only to find I'd painted a British standard bearer as a Brunswicker and had to remove him!!! aaargghh

Anyway, soldiered on and got it 95% finished........